Kosher Food Bank recipients are able to select from non-perishable staples and canned goods, fresh produce, meat and frozen items. They ‘shop’ during pre-arranged, scheduled appointments to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Kosher Food bank  supplies critically important food items and other daily necessities, as well as evaluates clients’ overall needs and arranges for appropriate support services. Because dignity is of the utmost concern, private one-on-one appointments are scheduled at convenient times.

Call: (305) 947-8093
Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday
We are appointment only; please call before visiting to protect the privacy of our clients.

If you are in interested in Kosher meals and food programs, please fill out the JCS Access form.

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How the JCS Kosher Food Bank Helps

Often the need for food is a symptom of underlying crises in the family. That’s why everyone visiting the Food Bank meets with a JCS professional who performs a comprehensive evaluation to assess the family’s overall needs. These might include information about government benefits, or access to one of JCS’ many programs such as mental health services or employment counseling

How You Can Help

The JCS Kosher Food Bank greatly relies on everyone’s participation. To help combat hunger in our community – one meal, one person at a time – you can:

Please note, all items must be certified as kosher and have one of the following symbols: