Mrs. S., a 32 year old Jewish woman, called for Shalom Bayit services although her husband had granted her a GET dissolving their religious union of 9 years, she reported that he continued to harass and stalk her, and he threatened to seek sole custody of their two young children. He called her at all hours with threatening and intimidating messages, and reported that she felt like a “hostage.” She tried moving away, but he followed and rented a house one block away from her. Despite having a verbal agreement for the payment of child support, she reported that the children’s father did not honor it.

The case manager found the client to be anxious, frightened, and in need of concrete services. The case manager referred the client to the Kosher Food Bank, helped her complete the application for food stamps, and began paying her utility bills. She was referred to an attorney who agreed to mediate for the client. The attorney was able to set up a parenting plan and a child support schedule. Mrs. S was encouraged to seek assistance from her rabbi who had helped her in the past, and he was able to intercede with the client’s ex-husband. We assisted the client with paying bills for several months during which time the client was able to secure a well paying job. Most importantly, the client followed through with therapy and worked diligently to address many of her issues. While she still has much to work on, she has transformed herself into a functional woman and mother with better self-esteem.