Jewish Community Services of South Florida (JCS) Leads in Providing Trauma Counseling and Supportive Services to Survivors and Families Impacted by the Surfside Building Collapse

Using their special skills and knowledge, JCS care managers customize plans that may include at-home counseling, emergency services and home health care. They also assist in claiming and recovering assets from European settlement funds, bank accounts and pensions, and obtaining financial help provided by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Last year JCS improved the quality of life for 630 Holocaust survivors through its comprehensive case management, personal care, nursing assessments, counseling, housekeeping, financial assistance, meals on wheels programs, as well as the assistance from volunteer companions.

Comprehensive Case Management

JCS provides comprehensive case management services to Jewish Nazi victims in Miami Dade County.  These services are provided by Master’s level mental health professionals.  All clients are visited in their homes where a comprehensive assessment is completed using the Department of Elder Affairs assessment tool. In addition, the Claims Conference Home Care Services Diagnostic Form is completed as a baseline for needs assessment.

The in-depth assessment addresses the following issues:  physical and mental health, ability to function in skills of daily living, social interaction and social supports, financial stability or need, medical needs including need for medication, nutritional assessment, issues of substance abuse (alcohol or prescription drugs), safety of the home environment, emergency needs such as assistive devices, dentures, hearing aids, and the need for home health services.

Subsequent to the assessment, the case manager makes appropriate referrals to services in the community.  All survivors are provided with professional case management services regardless of any other needs they may have.  Services are arranged and monitored by the case managers and may include personal care, home care, heavy cleaning, transportation, meal delivery, and counseling.

Reparation Assistance

The Reparations Specialist will do outreach throughout Miami-Dade County to seek-out holocaust survivors to offer services provided by the Holocaust Program. The Reparation Specialist assists clients in the Holocaust Survivors Assistance Program who need assistance in applying for individual compensation and reparations, including the Article 2 and/or Hardship Fund applications required to be filed for Claims Conference-funded social services.


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