A 90 year old Holocaust survivor, Mr. YS, was referred to our program by a concerned friend who lives out of town. The client, who is originally from Lithuania, lives alone in a trailer that is in terrible condition. There was no hot water, the toilet was in disrepair, there were holes in the floor and the walls were damaged. We learned that the hot water heater had been broken for several years and that the plumbing did not work properly. The tub was clogged and completely rusted as were the sink and toilet. The client does not have any children and his only living relative, a sister, lives in Lithuania. The client stated that he does not have any income and lives from a small savings account. He rides a bicycle to the grocery store, and he has never been to a doctor. The case manager contacted a plumbing company which installed a new water heater, replaced the sink and toilet, removed the old tub, replaced it with a new one, and remodeled the bathroom floor with new tile on the floor and the walls. The case manager arranged for the client to receive meals on wheels as well as transportation services to the store. Mr. YS also receives heavy cleaning services. The client claims he is healthy and does not need to go to the doctor, but the case manager is in the process of encouraging the client to visit a physician for a check-up. The case manager visits Mr. YS regularly and reports that he is very grateful for all the assistance he receives.