Employment Services for People with Disabilities is a Program in Partnership with The Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

The program provides assistance to people with barriers of employment whom are referred by DVR. The Person Served will have an Employment Specialist (ES) assigned to him/her. JCS offers several services under DVR. Pre-Placement Training (PPT) prepares the person served to search for employment on line, to complete applications and create a resume.

The ES will work along with the person served providing support during employment search, completing application with the person, and going with the person to interviews. After the person served is employed, ES will provide job coaching, interpretation and/or training until the person has completed 90 days of employment and does not need any other service from JCS.

JCS has a multitude of services to help the deaf and hard of hearing lead more fulfilling and enriched lives by obtaining employment. Skilled sign language counselors conduct work assessments, on-the-job training and job placements. Programs include education and on-site support for employers who hire deaf and hard of hearing individuals.