JCS Family Counseling Services provides specialized mental health services for families by focusing on the prevention and treatment of emotional trauma to foster resiliency in children from infancy through adolescence. JCS believes that a strong family unit provides children with a sense of belonging and a critical sense of value and gives them a vital network for social support.

JCS Family Counseling Services provides an array of specialized mental health services for youth and families. Clients range from infants, children and adolescents, to adults and caregivers. JCS offers mental health counseling for individuals, families, couples, and groups and targeted case management services for children 0-17. In addition, JCS provides community outreach and prevention education and care coordination. Specialized therapy services are available to child, adolescent, and adult survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

With a strong reputation for providing quality services and programs, JCS Family Counseling Services focuses in serving all communities regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or language.
Programs include:

Infant & Early Childhood Services
Infant and Early Childhood Services provides a full range of family-centered services focusing on young children, from birth to age eight, and their primary caregivers.

Services promote:

  • Healthy social-emotional development
  • Secure and nurturing child-caregiver relationships
  • Development of healthy attachment relationships
  • Collaborative approach with the mental health therapist, parents, teachers, and other service professionals

Services provided include:

  • Dyadic Therapy: strengthens the parent/child bond
  • Individual Play Therapy: assists with emotional regulation, learning healthy socialization and coping skills, and appropriate emotional expression
  • Family Therapy: parents and caregivers are active participants and learn skills to advocate for their children and empower families
  • Group Therapy: building skills within a supportive setting
  • Developmental Screenings: young children are assessed to determine developmental concerns and needs
  • Help Me Grow: provides developmental screenings and connects families to services in the community
  • Parent Training: promotes parent empowerment and use of positive parenting strategies. These services include:
    • Families and Schools Together (FAST). This program aims to increase parent empowerment, strengthen famly communication and cohesiveness, reduce externalizing behaviors in children, improve parent involvement in school and community activities, and expand family social support.
    • Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT). This service aims to help your child open up to you, promote therapeutic limit-setting, recognize emotional needs and build self-esteem in children, and foster creativity, self-control, and self-responsibility in children.

Counseling and Case Management Services

Counseling promotes growth, empowerment and enhanced functioning of individuals and families by providing quality mental health and case management services focusing on restoring or improving their level of functioning and access needed resources.

JCS offers the following:

  • Therapy services: help children (ages 6-17), families and adults cope with personal, emotional, and relationship problems, giving them tools to better manage their life.
    For children, this can include emotional support, help to resolve conflicts and new solutions for emotional and/or behavioral difficulties. In addition, counseling services are provided for clients with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental health). Treatment is coordinated and addresses the complete family, cultural and ethnic experiences of clients. Children under the age of 6 in need of therapy are served through our Infant & Early Childhood Services Program. In addition, JCS offers specialized counseling and case management services to female youth ages 11-17 through the Girls Empowerment Initiative. This program is in collaboration with Girl Power, Inc.
  • Children’s Targeted Case Management: provides links to help families meet their basic needs, while at the same time addressing a child’s and his/her family’s educational, emotional and behavioral needs.
    Case Management services are available to families with children under the age of 18. Eligible children are those who are at risk of being placed in a mental health residential program, who present with serious emotional disorders and need complex mental health and/or substance abuse services that require case management coordination.
    Children’s targeted case management services are focused on those children residing in the geographic area from Little Havana to Homestead/Florida City. An essential component of the case management program is the comprehensive assessment of the child’s and family’s needs and identifying and linking them to community resources. It includes a holistic approach to service provision such as planning, referral and linking services for any family member in need. It also includes coordination and monitoring of the service provision and children’s rights advocacy.

Providing Adolescents and Children with Trauma-Focused Therapy (PACTT)

This initiative is federally funded to meet the unmet needs of trauma-affected children, adolescents, and families from high-risk communities. Counseling services and trauma-informed care trainings for parents and professionals are available through this initiative.