JCS Yehi Ohr offers on-site school counseling in Miami-Dade and Broward County’s Orthodox Schools. Orthodox therapists provide classroom management, social skills intervention, behavioral assessments/treatment plans, short term/long term therapy, and play therapy to students from PreK through 12th grade..
This program supports school staff and parents with healthy tools and techniques for a positive learning experience and emotional growth.

Participating Schools:

  • Bais Chana
  • Chaya Aydel Seminary
  • Lubavitch Educational Center
  • Mechina of South Florida
  • Sha’arei Binah Academy For Girls
  • Yeshiva Elementary School
  • Yeshivas Toras Emes

Intake Packet: On-site school therapy requires the attached ‘Intake Packet’ to be completed by a parent or guardian where on-going school counseling takes place.

Reverse Consent: This form is sent out at the beginning of every school year to ensure consent for a child to be seen by a JCS Yehi Ohr therapist in school. A parent or guardian must sign this form if they DO NOT want their child to talk a therapist at all.


  • “Thank you for providing such an amazing resource. We are deeply grateful. The availability of a knowledgeable person to assist the teachers and me with direction has really enriched our school.”
  • “Staff and administrators alike feel more confident in addressing concerns with the input of this JCS clinician. This partnership has resulted in the identification of children at risk and the guidance to families that assist them in being more ready and better equipped to help their children.”
  • “By helping even one severely troubled student in a classroom you not only help that one student but improve the entire learning environment.”
  • “After speaking with the counselor, the child was more focused and able to attend to her studies.”
  • “The counselor assisted the child with basic life skills – the child now showers every day, brings his lunch to school, and is more organized to complete and bring his homework to school.”
  • “As a result of the social skills group the boys are less impulsive , more willing to share and got into fewer fights.”
  • “After a few sessions with the girls, the counselor was able to assist in resolving the conflict and the girls learned new skills that would benefit their relationship in the future.”