More than 500 volunteers assembled and delivered special Passover food and gift baskets to approximately 600 seniors and disabled during JCS’s Matzah Mitzvah & More.

Matzah Mitzvah brings the community together to do a special mitzvah with their families before Passover. Homebound elderly get company and great nutritious food for Passover. The program is a great way for the community to do a mitzvah and bring some cheer into many hearts and homes.

We asked a few families who have participated in Matzah Mitzvah to express what the program means to them:

“We have been participating in Matzah, Mitzvah and More for many years. Our children started when they were about three years old. Lauren is now 13 and Jared is 10. They enjoy making cards for the seniors and delivering food to them. We love to spend some time with each of the families that we visit. It’s rewarding to see how happy it makes these seniors when they are able to show us pictures and tell us stories from their past. It’s especially nice to see how their eyes light up when they see children. Sadly, for some of these elders, who are now alone, it’s one of the only times they get to reminisce. It is very important for our family to give back to our Jewish community. We also want to instill in our children the importance of helping those that are less fortunate, so that they grow up and continue this tradition with their own families.” – Ira Nassi


“Our family loves to do the Matzah Mitzvah delivery, it is so meaningful to us to meet with the elderly especially when we meet with a Holocaust survivor who shares their story and each year we take a new unforgettable experience.” – Galit Savir


“My children are fortunate to have great-grandparents alive and well and they appreciate the time we spend with them. This also makes them enjoy the visits to the JCS elderly very much. The mutual rewards from the visits are amazing. The faces of those who we visit light up when they see us and we are filled with joy to be able to do the mitzvah and learn from our elders. Mr. Yaffe took 30 minutes to draw a caricature of my daughter. It was the highlight of his day and of ours. Matzah Mitzvah is the way to connect generations, relive stories, share history and warm hearts. We’ve been doing this since my 10-year-old daughter was in the womb and hope to continue the tradition for decades.  We are proud of what our community does to help our elders and thank them for what they have done for us.” – Sandra Levy