Together we were ExtraOrdinary! JCS Alliance met and surpassed our goal of raising $18,000 for seniors through the #GivingMarketPlace in a few short summer weeks, raising $22,000! Your generous donations ensure that the homebound seniors and frail elderly that the JCS take care of will have the necessary items needed to maintain their health, safety and wellbeing at home.

We’d like to give a special thanks to The First Fruits Fund for their generous $9,000 matching grant, which definitely helped put us over the top. Their initial support helped inspire us all!

The Jewish Journal covered the JCS Alliance’s initiative with a nice article quoting our co-chair Laura Raiffe on the importance of the Alliance and the work we all do. Click HERE to take a peek. Below are some of the comments we received from various donors about the JCS Alliance’s efforts.

Thank you all again for helping to support our creative campaign and to raise awareness for the needs of our community’s elderly. Together we can always accomplish great things and make an impact!

With Thanks and Appreciation,

Danit Ashkenazi, Rachel Adler Schapiro & Laura Raiffe, Campaign Chairs
Monica Auslander, Sari Levine & Bonnie Weintraub, Chairs
Marian Mendelsohn
JCS Alliance

  • In memory of my mother, Marcia Sachs and in honor of Laura, Rachel and Danit and the rest of the Alliance board! Kudos on a brilliant idea! ~ Helen Chaset
  • Unrestricted donation; please use where most needed. Thank you!  Great way to raise funds. ~ Linda Schotthoefer
  • Thanks for the opportunity to help you help our elders. ~ Judith Lieber Breakstone
  • The Market Place looks like a great program – best wishes for its success! ~ Laura Reich
  • Good luck on reaching your goal ~ Marcia Reisman
  • Thanks for your hard work! ~ Sheryl Berkowitz
  • What a wonderful idea ~ Elaine Bachenheimer
  • In honor of Monica Auslander ~ David Auslander
  • In memory of Dina Rehhaut ~ Jeri Buxton
  • In memory of Beatrice Cohen ~ Brett Cohen
  • In honor of Mina Ejenbaum’s Birthday ~ Regina Berman
  • In memory of Sheila Cohen Katz ~ Madelyn Merritt
  • Happy to support JCS ~ Courtney Lenner
  • Great job Alliance! ~ Yitzhak Levin
  • Go Laura go! Great idea! grandpa, Herb ~ Herbert Raiffe
  • In memory of my parents, Harry and Rae Stein ~ Fran Stein Simmons
  • I am supporting this wonderful cause and the wonderful ladies that are making it happen: Laura (my sister), Danit, and Rachel ~ Carly Sheridan
  • This is wonderful!  It’s clever, it’s easy, and it’s impactful. Just went shopping! ~ Shelley Niceley Groff