I joined the JCS Alliance 3 years ago when I first moved to Miami from New York City. I had been active in several Jewish and pro-Israel organizations in NY and held leadership roles in a few over the years.

The JCS Alliance felt different. Though all these organizations have missions I believe in and values that strongly align with my own, JCS immediately welcomed me as a member of its community and provided me with the opportunity and support to contribute at a high level from day one.

The young leaders in the Alliance are some of the most generous, kind, talented, and inspirational people I know, and I am continuously amazed by the amount they achieve and the impact they make year after year. These people, who I am lucky to call my friends, continuously challenge me to think of more ways to service JCS clients and push me to be a better volunteer and overall person. Last year, I ran my first half marathon as part of a JCS campaign to raise money for needy Holocaust survivors.

This campaign raised $40k, and this year’s campaign eclipsed that number, raising almost $55k for this critical cause. JCS is more than just a charitable organization to me. Through my involvement, I have helped organize and participated in countless fundraisers to assist the many different groups that comprise the JCS client base.

More importantly, I have had the opportunity to meet the people receiving JCS services and see firsthand the meaningful impact that our work has. I consider my leadership role with the JCS Alliance to be a genuine privilege. This team has consistently proven that when we set out to do our “small part” for the broader JCS mission, our shared dedication and passion drives us to always exceed expectations and benefit the lives of so many people in need. I don’t know what the rest of this year has in store for us, but I am confident we will continue to do great things.