When we think of childhood we like to think of the happy times…playing hopscotch, swinging in the park, and taking long walks with friends. Unfortunately for many, childhood isn’t carefree. Children often face academic challenges, contend with mean-spirited peers, deal with difficult transitions, and at times encounter the ramifications of divorce and death.

So, how do we ensure that our children can navigate these stressful situations and that they are emotionally safeguarded as they grow through adulthood? Resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to changes and bounce back from difficult situations. Resilient people understand that difficulties are part of life but they forge through and do not let the tough times define them.

Following are five key parenting strategies that teach and increase resiliency in children:

  1. Allow your kids to problem-solve, take risks, and make mistakes.
  2.  Allow them to struggle when things are tough. Support them but don’t provide them with all the answers.
  3.  Ask questions that help them to problem-solve. If they make a mistake, it is more helpful to ask how they will fix it than why they did it.
  4. Help your child develop age-appropriate adaptive skills. Self-reliance increases confidence.
  5. Be a resilient role model. Teach your kids positive language such as “I don’t know how to do this yet” rather than “I can’t do this”.

For further guidance and resources, contact Zisa Levin, MSW, Yehi Ohr Director at Zlevin@jcsfl.org

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