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Volunteer Areas of Interest
  • Shopping experiences and navigation
  • Health care navigation
  • School system navigation
  • Accompany clients to purchase new clothing sensitive to cultural/religious modesty norms
  • Delivery of food and/or household items to stock and set up residences
  • Acculturation and transition into South Florida life
  • Rides to appointments and navigation of public transit system
  • Assist with helping refugees acclimate to their respective religious community/help refugees find their place of worship
  • Aid employment search, resume crafting, and networking
  • Assist with finding technical/post-education for future employment opportunities
Volunteer Areas of Interest
  • Subsidize child care and after school programming
  • Offer low-cost homes/housing to refugees as they acclimate
  • Provide welcoming experiences within the spiritual/religious community
  • Assist with homework and English language proficiency
  • Act as language interpreter and/or identify volunteers that may act as language interpreters.
    • Language: Dari
    • Language: Pashto
    • Language: Farsi
  • Other
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