The JCS Alliance offers a way for young professionals to be a part of Jewish Community Services (JCS), the largest Jewish social service agency in South Florida.

The JCS Alliance gives the new generation the opportunity to work on real projects that target real needs, creating an added dimension of philanthropy and care to JCS clients.

Through amazing and innovative programs such as “Passover Kiddush Clubbing with Homebound Seniors”, “Memories in the Living Room”, “Team Blue Card @ the Miami Marathon” and “Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for Young Families”, we emphasize leadership as the cornerstone for creating a stronger community.


JCS Alliance Chairs 2016-2017
Monica Auslander, Sari Levine & Bonnie Weintraub

Chair Elect
Rachel Schapiro

Executive Board

  • Jeremy Abramson
  • Hinda Adler*
  • Jassi Antebi
  • Danit Ashkenazi
  • Jacqueline Berenson*
  • Ian Blank
  • Hilit Cohen
  • Yitzhak Levin
  • Michael Levine
  • Laura Raiffe*
  • Brett Rudman
  • Ari Sasson
  • Marc Schaevitz
  • Sharon Silber
  • Alexandra Tovshteyn
  • Amy Turner

Past Chairs*

  • Hinda Adler
  • Jacqueline Berenson
  • Laura Raiffe
  • Chad Klosky
  • Courtney Lenner
  • Jonathan Raiffe
  • Amy Schwartz
  • Scott Singer

Marian Mendelsohn, JCS’ Director Special Projects

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