JCS’ Kosher Meals on Wheels Program currently serves approximately 150,000 meals annually to nearly 650 elderly homebound recipients, providing nutritionally balanced meals each week for those who would otherwise not have enough to eat.

Clients range in age from 60 to 100+ and over half of them have incomes below the Federal poverty guidelines of less than $12,000 a year. Many live alone and this programs not only provides meals but contact, conversation and a means of checking on their health status and the conditions in their home.

The goal of the Kosher Meals on Wheels Program is to provide at least 1/3 of the recommended daily nutritional allowance, so that seniors may continue living in their own homes, aging in place for as long as it is appropriate and safe.

More importantly, participants are automatically connected to the JCS family and can access the array of programs and services JCS offers to enhance and improve seniors’ quality of life.

If you are in interested in Kosher meals and food programs, please fill out the JCS Access form.