Jewish Community Services is working to meet the needs of Hurricane Irma survivors through the Disaster Case Management Program. JCS’s Disaster Case Management Program will work with Irma survivors to define and achieve realistic goals for their recovery and facilitate access to a variety of needed services. JCS is working with a variety of partners including Miami-Dade’s Long-Term Recovery Group, FRIEND, Inc., Compass 82, a trusted resource for hurricane recovery solutions, Volunteer Florida, and the American Red Cross. Together we are pioneering efforts in Miami-Dade to provide direct and coordinated care to hurricane survivors.

To qualify for assistance through the Disaster Case Management Program, prospective clients must have:

  1. resided in Miami-Dade County at the time of Hurricane Irma and
  2. an unmet need as a result of the storm.

To receive assistance with Hurricane Irma recovery and to be assigned a case manager, prospective clients can call the Hurricane Helpline at 305-859-IRMA. For more information about the Disaster Case Management Program, please contact Sandy Ala, Director of Case Management Programs, at or Jessica Perez, Disaster Case Manager Supervisor, at