Before Leaving for Your #JCSMatzahMitzvah Visits:

  • Call seniors to confirm you are on the way. If no answer, return for another assignment.
  • Please ensure you have the correct number of baskets for each address.

Upon arriving

  • Sometimes, seniors take a few minutes to answer the door.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover!

Some seniors may live in an ‘upscale’ condo, but are JCS clients because their current situation meets our criteria.

We hope the recipient invites you in. Remember, some do not have many visitors and your visit will be greatly appreciated.

Suggested Ice Breaker conversations

  • What was it like growing up?
  • How was life different in the ‘old’ country?
  • Which holidays have special significance and why? How do you celebrate?
  • What does your religion and culture mean to you?

If you encounter an emergency call 911

Post-Visit Input

Please complete this survey: especially if you believe the senior requires intervention. e.g. inappropriate personal hygiene or dangerous environmental situation.

If there is no answer, you have two options

  1. Return the undelivered basket today by 12:30 p.m. to:
    Temple Israel, a truck will be in the parking lot- or
    JCS Kosher Food Bank
    15455 West Dixie Hwy. Bay-R, North Miami Beach, FL 33162 (305-947-8093)
  2. Attempt to deliver again during the week. If still unable, please return the basket to:
    Jewish Community Services
    735 NE 125 St. North Miami, FL 33161 (305.403.6539)

Together Fighting Food Insufficiency in Miami


JCS Acknowledges These Community Partners

Food Baskets: Matt Lopatin in loving memory of Irving and Vivian Lopatin and Joy Lopatin
Flowers Bouquet: Galleria Farms
Refreshments: Gold Kosher Catering
Children’s Activities: Kids for JCS Kosher Food Bank and PJ Library in Miam