JCS has created The Bridge Society, recognizing donors who have committed to remember JCS, in their estate plans. The Bridge Society reflects JCS’ determination to ensure that JCS continues to be able to respond to community needs as we enter our 2nd Century.

Recently, a retired librarian approached JCS about leaving a legacy gift. Her donation will provide summer camp scholarships to children from our Shalom Bayit – Domestic Abuse program. Through this gift, the librarian is providing these children a few hours a day to forget about life at home and the chance to be regular kids. She is making this commitment as a tribute to her mother, because she feels that there’s no better way to immortalize the person who made an indelible imprint on her life.

When you look back at your life what are the moments, people and causes that have been most important to you?

Won’t you also please consider making a tribute gift in your estate plan to honor those you most care about?

So far, 40 individuals that we know of, each with their own story and interests, have made the commitment to include JCS in their estate plans.

For more information, please click here to contact Morgan Weinblatt, Director, Resource Development.