JCS Spotlight

MBJCC Campers Donate Food to JCS Kosher Food Bank

Campers from the Travel Camp Division of Camp Klurman, a part of the… Read More

Preschoolers’ Love for Seniors & Vice Versa

For more than a decade, two generations – some over the age of 100… Read More

JCS Alliance campaigns to get Bubbies ‘on the bus!’

Our Miami Seniors, many of whom are Holocaust Survivors, are struggling… Read More

JCS supports Thursday’s AJC Commemoration of AMIA attack

Dear colleagues and friends: We want to thank you once again for your… Read More

A double mitzvah for JCS’ Kosher Food Bank

Every summer, the campers from Teens on Wheels select a mitzvah project… Read More

Mitzvah project benefits JCS Kosher Food Bank clients

Alex Marcovich and his sister Lily display a non-traditional ‘Bima’… Read More
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