Volunteer Opportunities

senior with kidsGet Inspired! Get Involved!

As a compassionate and concerned member of our community, you can substantially contribute to JCS in several ways. If you have a big heart and a little time, please consider giving some of each to one of these initiatives. Make a significant impact in our community through our:

Affinity Groups

  • JCS Alliance – adults, ages 22 to 39, interact socially while participating in activities and projects that benefit JCS clients.
  • JCS Kosher Food Bank Support Group – help raise resources to feed the hungry, whether by obtaining ‘in-kind’ donations or through contributions.
  • JCS Shalom Bayit ‘Circle of Peace’ – join those fighting domestic abuse by participating in JCS’ efforts that support victims and their children.
  • Yehi Ohr – participate in developing initiatives that bring JCS’ culturally-sensitive services to the South Florida Orthodox Jewish community.

Community Outreach Activities

  • Milk & Honey and Matzah Mitzvah & More: serve as a volunteer.
  • Host a Parlor Meeting that introduces JCS’ contributions in the community to friends and neighbors.

Community Liaison Program

  • As a “point person” at your synagogue, child’s school or other organization, participate with leadership to:
    • educate its membership (e.g. social action committee, women’s groups, parent-teacher organizations)
    • coordinate JCS outreach efforts (e.g. educational programs)
    • introduce JCS services (e.g. counseling, housekeeping and home care) at Shabbat services or other venues

Two’s Company Program

  • JCS’ Two’s Company matches volunteers with existing JCS home-based senior clients who would like to have  a new friend and need a helping hand. Volunteers can drive clients to physicians’ appointments or to special events; take them to the store or do their shopping; spend time in conversation and companionship, read to those with visual impairments; and maintain regular telephone contact.Two’s Company also conducts several special events each year designed to encourage clients to participate in much-needed group socialization. Luncheons, served by Two’s Company volunteers, include musical entertainment.In addition, Two’s Company includes the Holocaust Survivors Support Internship Program. University of Miami students, in this intergenerational college-credit collaborative, are matched with a Survivor. They then visit at least four times each semester, prepare projects uniquely designed for each survivor, and maintain personal journals about their experiences.

Other Senior Programs

Adults with Developmental Disabilities

  • Assist JCS staff by helping supervise clients during educational day trips or recreational outings.

To make a difference in someone’s life, contact our Director of Volunteers at 305.403.6539 or mmendelsohn@jcsfl.org.