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The JCS Alliance brings together professionals to support Jewish Community Services’ (JCS) efforts to be a ‘lifeline for all in need’ by offering leadership experiences, community service that directly impacts others and participation in philanthropic activities. Members interact socially while planning and participating in a variety of initiatives that create added dimensions of care and service to JCS clients.

The JCS Alliance gives young professionals the opportunity to work on real projects that target real needs, with dynamic events such as “New Wheels for Bubbie”, “Memories in the Living Room” and “Spice up the Food Bank”.

The JCS Alliance was formed four years ago because Jewish Community Services wanted to increase opportunities for future leaders to become actively engaged in our community in meaningful, hands-on projects.

Get Involved. If you have a passion for your community and those less fortunate — and are ready to lead, please contact Marian Mendelsohn at mmendelsohn@jcsfl.org or 305.403.6539.

JCS Alliance Chairs 2015-2016
Hinda Adler, Monica Auslander & Amy Schwartz

Chairs Elect
Bonnie Weintraub

Executive Board
Jassi Antebi, Danit Ashkenazi, Jacqueline Berenson, Lewis Chazan, Robert Gilbert, Elise Halberstein, Sari Levine, Michael Levine, Laura Raiffe, Marc Schaevitz, Rachel Schapiro, Brian Shack, Lori Spodak, Shana Tauber, Edith Vaca

Past Chairs
Jacqueline Berenson, Laura Raiffe, Chad Klosky, Courtney Lenner, Jonathan Raiffe, Scott Singer

Marian Mendelsohn, JCS’ Director Special Projects


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned, in the midst of planning a fabulous year. Follow us on Facebook.



Team Blue Card Runs the Miami Marathon for Holocaust Survivors
Team Raised $12,500
Aubrey Duffy & Adam Schwartzbaum, Team Captains

JCS Alliance co-sponsors Limmud Miami’s Happy Hour
Limmud Miami is a full-day of Jewish/Israel Learning and Culture and it’s Happy Hour is co-sponsored by a number of YP groups.

JCS Matzah Mitzvah & More
Volunteer to assemble and deliver gift baskets filled with Passover foods during Jewish Community Services’ Matzah, Mitzvah and More.
Hinda Adler, Event Chair

Memories in the Living Room
Evening of Conversation with Magda Bader, Holocaust Survivor, in Honor of Yom Hashoah in partnership with KSpace Miami.

Present at the 2015 Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies National Conference
Laura Raiffe & Hinda Adler, Presenters

Kids2Camp Campaign
Raised $10,000 to send ten children of JCS Shalom – the youngest victims of domestic abuse – to a safe and fun environment at the Michael-Ann Russell and Dave & Mary Alper JCCs.

Emergency Hurricane Kits for Bubbie Fundraiser
Raised $11,000 During this year’s JCS Milk & Honey, our Bubbies and Zeides will receive 2 baskets instead of 1. In addition to the traditional Rosh Hashanah Basket, they will get a surprise gift of an Emergency Hurricane Kit!

The bubbies can rest easier this hurricane season thanks to the Douglas and Joan Gross Charitable Trust – whose gift memorializes Douglas Gross, the Sam Berman Charitable Foundation Inc. and each and every one of our supporters.


Sunday, August 30 – JCS Milk & Honey
Volunteers assembled and delivered gift baskets filled with Rosh Hashanah foods during Jewish Community Services’ Milk & Honey distribution event.

The Jewish Journal follows the Auslanders on their visits

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